Peter Rabbit is about!

Peter rabbit sneaked into Nursery on Monday and left a mess of carrots and lettuces behind! This has inspired a variety of rabbit related activities including a real, rather large rabbit coming to visit on Thursday!

Poppy – ‘I liked the rabbit. I wanted to give him some food and he chomped it really quick!’

Alex – ‘The rabbit is white and soft.’

Charlotte – ‘I liked the bunny rabbit to stroke him.’

We have learnt a new song this week in Nursery, ‘Peter Rabbit had a fly upon his nose!’ and have been exploring different shapes through continuous provision. The children have been thoroughly engaged and enjoyed drawing and beginning to write/mark-make about rabbits.

Talk Homework: Through reading about Peter Rabbit we have been exploring different ways to move like a rabbit such as ‘bounced’ and ‘wriggled’. Can you come up with any interesting words to describe different ways to move at home?


Being gentle and kind…

Nursery has been busy with visitors this week – eager to see if our chicks have hatched and I am pleased to announce we have 10 chicks!

They have been named by the children and are called:

Happy, Ellie, William, Tris, Beautiful, Annabelle, Hoolahoop, Thomas, DJ and Popsy

Delightful names I am sure you can all agree.

We have a had a fantastic week with lots of learning going on. In literacy we have been drawing pictures of chicks and listening for initial sounds. In maths we have been exploring the concept of ‘one more’, which linked well as each chick hatched one at a time!

The children have been learning about caring for the environment and our natural world, from the chicks to the imaginary ‘bog babies’ from our stories. We have been learning to be gentle and kind!

Talking homework: We have been describing the chicks and talking about their key features. Talk at home about the different animals you see about – do they have beaks, wings, tails or whiskers? Think about similarities and differences.

World Book Day

World Book Day has kept us very busy here in Nursery. We have been focusing on the book ‘Handa’s Surprise’. We have looked at the different patterns of the animals and tried a variety of different fruit. The children have been so engaged and excited about reading this week and they have loved bringing in their stories from home!

World Book Day

Poppy, ‘I am a princess but I have to wear my trainers because my princess shoes hurt. I am a princess who can run!’

Kate, ‘I am Katy Morag. I have the book and I love it.’

Connor, ‘I am Supertato. I have a belt and a cape. Watch out!’

Josephine, ‘I am a dinosaur and there are 10 dinosaurs. My mummy made it for me.’

Francis, ‘I am Spiro! Look at my wings!’

Thank you so much for all your effort at home, the children had a fabulous time and all looked absolutely marvellous. The children have read so many stories together and we have a wonderful time taking on different roles.

Have a well deserved rest this weekend!

Spring is here!

This week the children have had such a lovely time enjoying the sunshine! The children have been noticing all the beautiful spring flowers that are popping up every where and planting some more of our own. We have been identifying different flowers, so our word of the week has been ‘daffodil’ and the children have been spotting them everywhere.

We have had our very own Fair Trade Farm Shop in Nursery, with plenty of vegetables and flowers for sale. The children have enjoyed spending money, learning how to count out a specific amount of pennies and how to write the numbers to price everything to sell. We have also made our own vegetable monsters in the art area!

We have been focusing on ‘rhyme’ this week, looking at nursery rhymes, reading rhyming stories and making up silly rhyming strings. We will be continuing this next week, encouraging the children to listen to the repetitive sounds. We will be challenging the children to listen for the initial sound in a variety of words.

Talk Homework: Read a rhyming story at home and pick out the rhymes. It would be great to hear some rhyming pairs next week.

*Remember World Book Day next week!



This week our Forest School has come to life with a little touch of Spring! The children have been exploring everything but especially the flowers (and digging up the bulbs we have already planted!) . The children have been learning about size this week in Maths and this was part of our focus in Forest School this week.

We had to find something:

  1. Small
  2. Wiggly
  3. Straight
  4. Long
  5. Short
  6. Special!

We found wiggly worms, small pinecones and special stones. The children were so engaged and were very excited to hold the bag!IMG_8062Have a lovely half term and see if you can find some interesting objects whilst you are out and about. The children have been using lots of words to do with size but we would love to hear any new ones you come up with – and then we can make an enormous list in class!

A busy week…

This week the children have been very busy, from exploring to Internet Safety day to Chinese New Year and Non-Uniform day.

Explorers: Our role-play area for Exploring is still the most popular place to be! The children want to go to Australia and the South Pole and the jungle…and they want to travel there by bus (via a few restaurants and McDonalds!).IMG_1658IMG_1654IMG_1787

Internet safety was focused on the theme of ‘Consent’. As a class we took lots of photos on the iPads with Photobooth but we had to ask our friends before we took photos. The children had taken this idea on board and if someone didn’t want their picture taken they listened.  We got lots of very silly photos though!


Today we have had a Non-Uniform day and a cake sale… the children thoroughly enjoyed eating the delicious cakes on offer…

We  also celebrated Chinese New Year, making lanterns and copying Chinese symbols. We will continue the celebrations on Monday to make sure the whole of Nursery get to enjoy!

Talking Homework: Talk about Chinese New Year with your child. Can they remember/find out the year they were born in and the animal it links with?IMG_7767

Nursery Explorers!

This week we have been Explorers in Nursery! We have found numbers around the school, we have been to the South Pole and even created our own maps to help us.

The children have engaged with every aspect of the Expedition from exploring different ways to travel, to making shelters and dens as well as discovering the kinds of animals that live in different environments.

Talking Homework:  Where would like to go on an adventure? How would you get there? What would you find?