A busy week!


Father Bill and Luke came to visit Nursery today. We asked them lots of questions and sang them our hymns. They must have liked them because they are back next week!



This week we have been focusing on our gross motor skills. We have been doing lots throwing and catching, in groups and independently. The children have really enjoyed the challenge!


We have found so many bugs this week we have been stopping to watch them as they go about their way! We were also lucky enough to have Cuthbert bring in his mandolin. He played the strings and he was very proud!




Probably the most exciting thing this week was the incredible rain! Did you see it? We watched from our shelter. It was very noisy!

Talk homework: Talk about our very erratic weather this week… What is happening? Why? You could discuss how rainbows are formed, what is in a cloud or where all the rain goes in the sunshine?

One last week Nursery! We can’t believe it!


Talking about Reception!

This week have been talking about Reception… I can’t believe it is that time of year already but here we are. The buzz in Nursery is all about the children who are moving on to different schools and children who are just moving to the next classroom. We had our transition day today and everyone thoroughly enjoyed talking about it…

…We haven’t left yet though! This week our focus on writing has been with the promise of a special drink at the Nursery cafe. The children drew their own drink design with a range of different fruit, we labelled them, talked about initial sounds and made sure we put in a straw for good measure!


Talking homework: Talking about Reception…wherever you are going!

A rainy day, a sunny day, rhubarb crumble and Sports Day!

We made rhubarb crumble with our very own, home-grown rhubarb! The children picked it, chopped it (and some apple), mixed together the crumble topping, cooked it in the oven and ate it! We read the recipe, wrote our recipes, looked at recipe books in the home corner and even played with the baking equipment in role-play.

Sports Day was a fantastic success with everyone getting a chance to shine and run (again and again!) There were lots of smiles and a few tears but it was a very big step in everyone’s journey today; with everyone learning how to be in a team (and attempt to stay in a team), remembering to cheer on their friends and trying their very best to win! Well done Nursery and thank you so much parents who helped out, it is definitely a team effort!!

Today we have finished with delightful weather – the deck chairs were out! We had a lovely time in the sunshine.

….Monday was a different story!!!



Forest School Shop

The children are so mature now they are ready to listen to longer stories with less pictures (not all the time of course!). We have been reading Alfie and Annie Rose Stories and have been inspired in Forest School to make a shop using natural objects just like Alfie did.

The children found fallen cherries and rhubarb, pinecones and interesting sticks and using plenty of imagination created various shops around the outdoor area.

They made potions together and learnt how to tie knots so they could drag really, really big logs!

The children have had a fantastic week – we are making rhubarb crumble next week. Eat it if you dare…

Talk Homework: Talk with your child about a recipe they have made before using the key words such as mix or stir, pour or sieve. Check your child’s understanding and see if they can describe how to make something in order.

The fruits of our labour!

Nursery has been very excited this week because our rhubarb has been ready to pick and our courgette plants have been ready to plant in the raised beds. The children have kept a very close eye, making sure the plants were watered (and watered again) and that they had plenty of sunshine. We are very proud of  our work!

Furthermore, the tadpoles are still alive and even have legs which means we can officially call them froglets! We are not sure how many there are, we have counted (and counted again) and we think there are 9. We will keep you updated on their progress – we need some big stones so they can climb out when they are ready. If you have any at home bring them in!

Nursery have done several weeks on early addition now and we are totally getting the hang of it! We have baked gingerbread farm animals, counting out and adding chocolate chip decorations. We have been counting and adding pom poms for extra practical problems. Some of us are even ready to have a go at answering picture addition problems and number sentences too. (Next stop subtraction!)



We even had time for a teddy bear picnic for our topic of ‘friendship’ in R.E – we had a wonderful time inviting people to play and talking about how to be a kind friend.


Whitehouse Farm!


This week we went to Whitehouse Farm! The children were absolutely fantastically behaved all day and we had perfect weather. Thank you so much to all the parents that volunteered, you were so helpful and we couldn’t have done it without you!

Here are some thoughts about the trip,

Matilda, ‘I fed the goats and they tickled me!’

Travis, ‘Where are the bulls?’

Joseph, ‘It was a very bumpy tractor!’

Lily, ‘A donkey is called a Jack!’

Dhaval, ‘I liked the snake and the spider…’ (it was a tarantula!)

I am so proud of how well the children managed the very exciting, very different day. They listened to instructions and stayed with their adults, they were gentle with the animals and had lovely smiles all day.

Well done Nursery.

Talking Homework: What was their favourite part of the day? Did they see any animals they had never seen before?

(Before you ask, there really was a ‘skinny pig’ and a ‘guinea pig’!)

STEM Week!

Well done Nursery, we have had a fun-filled week full of science, technology. engineering and maths… Here are a few of the challenges we embraced this week…

Challenge 1: To make a hat to wear to the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party!


Challenge 2: Make a heart out of milk and vinegar for the queen!



Challenge 3: The queen needs red flowers, but we only have white….



Challenge 4: What do you need to make the best bubbles?


Keep you eyes peeled for more of our challenges and the fun we had…