Happy New Year

Welcome back everybody! We have had a lovely first week, everyone has enjoyed getting back into a routine. We read Lost and Found on Monday and have since been very interested in penguins, boats and the South Pole!

The children have made paper penguins, using their cutting skills and have written their name on all their work.

We have explored ice through our Small World activities this week. The children discussed all the ways to melt ice, although by far the most popular was banging it as hard as they could!


Christmas is coming!



We have had a fantastic week full of fairies, parties and games. Nursery have even managed to sneak some number practise in too!

Lily, ‘I liked getting prizes on party day. I can do number 10, 9 and 4 and 5.’

Kate, ‘I liked pass the parcel and getting prizes.’

Charlotte, ‘I like doing a disco … and eating the sweeties!’




We so exhausted at the end of the part we had to play Sleeping Lions!


Have a Merry Christmas everyone!

Ms Owens


This week we have focused on our listening skills. I have been working with the children to see if they can follow simple instructions. We have had lots of fun!

We have been mark-making in the frost, as well as with chalks and paint brushes, listening to how to form letters and numbers. We have played Hide and Seek, Musical Chairs and learnt a new game ‘Pairs’.  There has been lots of sharing, taking turns and the children have also given their own instructions too.

The children have also done some fantastic baking for our Birthday topic in R.E, making birthday buns. They also had a lovely time eating them!

MAD Week

We have had a MAD week here in Nursery. The painting ‘The Fighting Temeraire’ inspired lots of ship inspired activities, alongside our shape focus. We have made ships and boats outside and inside, and even walked the plank in the hall with Reception!

The children have enjoyed talking about floating and sinking, singing sea shanties and making ‘ship shape pictures’. The children have made great progress with their shape focus too and lots of the children are recognising shapes everywhere they go!


This week we have had another busy week in Nursery. Our main focus has been mark-making and starting to (or starting to think about…) writing our names. We have had lots of fun doing ‘Squiggle while you Wiggle’ which involves lots of squiggling (writing) and wiggling (dancing) with scarves.

The children have done mark making in the shaving foam, with the chalks, with our special glittery pens and with the whiteboard pens too. They have all tried really hard and worked towards perfecting their pencil grip.

We have created a magnificent owl and hedgehog with the kind donation of feathers from Alex. The children thoroughly enjoyed making it together and talking about the patterns on the feathers.


We are very excited for next week, which is MAD (Music, Art and Drama) week. We received a mysterious jigsaw piece clue. Nursery guess that the theme could be the ‘sky’ or a ‘river’ or  a ‘dinosaur jungle den’. We can’t wait to find out on Monday!


P.S Thank you all for your kind donations this week, it really does help and we do appreciate it!

A busy week!

This week we have had so much going on! Anti bullying, Stay and Play and Children in Need. We even had time to sneak in some learning about shapes and mark – making!

Thanks to all the parents who came, the children loved showing you round.



Reception went to Pizza Express this week and lots of the children from Nursery enjoyed their role-play takeaway shop.